Earth Friendly Baby – jabones y cremas


El objetivo de los productos de Earth Friendly Baby es el de crear productos naturales de alta calidad, productos naturales que son sanos para bebés y para el planeta, y que a la vez tienen un precio asequible.

Earth Friendly Baby está desarrollando una compañía que es rentable y de éxito pero sobre todo que esta comprometida con el medio ambiente y que es socialmente responsable.

Los productos de Earth Friendly Baby que tenemos en Yobio son;

Jabón natural en pastilla de lavanda

Gel y champú de lavanda

Burbujas para el baño

Crema para el cuerpo

Crema de pañal

Aceite de masage

Toallitas biodegradables

Bolsas para pañal biodegradables

Estos son algunos de los premios que han recogido en los últimos años;




Best Eco Nappy Sacks’ Award, Baby & Child Recognition Awards 2008, Winner; Best Wipes’ Award, Practical Parenting Magazine Awards 2007/8, Highly Commended; ‘Best Product Non-Food’ Award, The Natural Trade Show Awards 2006

A continuación encontrareis algunas de las notas de prensa en las que se habla de los Productos Earth Friendly Baby, como podéis ver son muchas;

September 2008
Take It Easy
Beauty Box – Beautifully Organic
“….the uplifting scent of mandarin will leave your baby (and you) in a bouncy mood…. ” [Earth Friendly Baby Organic Mandarin Shampoo & Body Wash]
August 2008
Practical Parenting
Baby wipes – Best Buys Guide – Tested for you by Mums
“…These are eco-friendly and biodegradable which is great for mums who prefer natural products…” [Earth Friendly Baby Eco Baby Wipes]
April/May/June 2008
I’m Pregnant
Soft and Soothing
“…These creams will do the trick… ” [Earth Friendly Baby Calendula Daily Care Cream and Red Clover Diaper Cream]
April/May/June 2008
I’m Pregnant
Wipe & Go
“…with this selection of goodies in your changing bag, you’ll be ready for anything… ” [Earth Friendly Baby Eco Baby Wipes]
April 2008
Marie Claire
Buy Of The Day
“Earth Friendly Baby Organic Chamomile Shampoo & Bodywash… Perfect for babies’ sensitive skin…an ideal all-rounder for bath time. Best of all eco conscious mums will be pleased to hear that the range features no artificial colouring, synthetic fragrance, SLS, and instead uses only plant derived ingredients and organic oils…”
March 2008
Saturday Express Magazine
Little Wonders
“Baby Massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby so warm up with Earth Friendly Baby Natural Unscented Baby Massage Oil!”
February 2008
Celebs on Sunday
“Massage isn’t just a gimmick…Try this oil which has no nasty parabens or irritating detergents! ” [Earth Friendly Baby Natural Unscented Baby Massage Oil]
January 2008
Practical Parenting
Practical Parenting Awards 07/08 – Wipes
“Highly Commended! ” [Earth Friendly Baby Eco Baby Wipes]
December 2007
Pregnancy Baby & You
Lucy’s Shopping
“Try a soothing baby massage.” [Earth Friendly Baby Gift Set]
November 2007
The Little Green Baby
“You’ve vowed to be more eco-friendly, and where better to start than with new life?.” [Earth Friendly Baby Lavender Cleansing Bar & Lavender Bubble Bath]
October 2007
Body Beautiful
“Earth Friendly Baby Lavender Cleansing Bar is gentle enough for children’s sensitive skin, but special enough for grown-ups too.”
Summer 2007
Now Mum & Baby
Lifestyle For Baby
“Earth Friendly Baby Chamomile Bubble Bath 370ml”
August 2007
Prima Baby & Pregnancy
Naturally Nice
“Surround your baby with eco-friendly goodies.”[Earth Friendly Baby Gift Set]
August 2007
Pregnancy Baby & You
Baby Toiletries
“Red Clover is a natural anti-inflammatory, while zinc oxide, beeswax and vegetables oil help protect the skin and promote healing…….” [Red Clover Nappy Cream]
April 2007
Real People
Real Beauty
“Good for sensitive skin: Earth Friendly Baby Shampoo & Bodywash”
April 2007
Baby Boom
“Earth Friendly Baby, a gentle baby brand created with 100% biodegradable and organic ingredients…..” [Eco Baby Wipes]
March 2007
Sunday Mirror Celebs
Mum’s Shopping
“Katy Hill uses Earth Friendly Baby Organic Chamomile Shampoo & Bodywash on seven month old Kaya Sky…….”
March 2007
Hairflair & Beauty
Baby Love
”Super-gentle formulations and natural, healing ingredients make today’s newborn and toddler products too good to resist, so indulge the child in you…” [Organic Lavender Bubble Bath]
January 2007
Pregnancy & Birth
Crack Open The Bubbly
“…The new range of gorgeous-smelling bubble baths from Earth Friendly Baby are ideal for starting the day (uplifting Mandarin) and calming your newborn before beditme (relaxing Lavender and soothing Chamomile).”
December 2006
Mother & Baby
3 of the Best Natural Baby Soaps
“Normal soap will strip her skin and dry it out, so you need one that’s especially formulated for babies.” [Natural Lavender Cleansing Bar]
November 2006
Mother & Baby
30 of the Best Bathtime Buys
“Calming and organic – our kind of product.” [Chamomile Bubble Bath]
October 2006
Practical Parenting
Gently Does It
“Some mums like to treat their babies to a little bath every night as part of the routine of calming them down and getting them off to sleep.” [Chamomile Bubble Bath]
September 2006
Pregnancy, Baby & You
Skin Deep
“We like Eco Baby Wipes from Earth Friendly Baby. They’re biodegradable, alcohol-free and allergy tested, and use mild ingredients like organic chamomile and calendula.”
August 2006
Style Magazine
What’s the Alternative?
“Earth Friendly Baby Eco Baby Wipes are 100% biodegradable and contain soothing organic chamomile and calendula.”
August 2006
Go Green
“High-quality natural toiletries that are healthy for babies and the planet.”
July 2006
Real People Magazine
3 of the Best Nappy rash treatments
“Earth Friendly Baby Natural Red Clover Diaper Care Cream- Red Clover has long been used as a natural anti-inflammatory and works brilliantly to soothe the discomfort of nappy rash.”
June 2006
Natural Health & Beauty
Six of the Best
“Super Soothers- Earth Friendly Baby Natural Lavender Cleansing Bar.”
May 2006
That’s Life Magazine
Tried and Tested: Baby Soaps
“Earth Friendly Baby Natural Lavender Cleansing Bar- Contains Lavender oil for a touch of relaxing aromatherapy.”
April 2006
Organic Life
Wipe Out
“These Gentle and Effective eco wipes from Earth Friendly Baby are soft and thick yet 100% Biodegradable. Blended with Organic Chamomile and Calendula, they’ll soothe while they cleanse and are kind to the environment aswell as the babys skin.”
April 2006
Pregnancy Baby & You
3 Ways to be good to the Planet
“HealthQuest has launched a range of natural baby wipes. Made from corn- based ingeo fibres and wood pulp from substainable forests, and moistened with Organic Calendula and chamomile. Eco baby wipes are kinder to both the environment and your baby!”
April/May/June 2006
I’m Pregnant
Smooth Operator
“Earth Friendlys Baby Red Clover Diaper Care Cream will help keep your little one’s botty soft and soothed”
March 2006
Daily Express Saturday Magazine
Mums The Word
“Earth Friendly Babby Organic Chamomile Shampoo & Bodywash contains pure, eco-friendly ingredients to gently clean skin without leaving a residue, plus chamomile to enhance the tresses of blonde mums.”
Spring 2006
Lifescape Magazine
Little Treasures
“Earth Friendly Baby, Natural Red Clover Diaper care cream, a great way to make sore little bums happy again.You can almost see the skin sigh with relief when you apply this gorgeously- rich cream..”
March 2006
You Are What You Eat
Bottoms Up
“Keeps babies bottoms fresh and clean with biodegradable organic Eco Baby Wipes. Made from substainable sources, they cause less damage to the enviroment and are not tested on animals.”
January 2006
Grove Magazine
Down to Earth
“Earth Friendly Baby’s Eco Baby Wipes are made with a “special” ingrediant which replaces the plastic part found in many other wipes.”
November 2005
Grove Magazine
Three of the Best Baby Products
“Organic Hibiscus Bubblebath- Natural bubbles without the nasties.”
22nd November 2005
The Independent
Ten Best Baby Skincare Products
“Lavender Cleansing Bar- This is the perfect soothing cleanser for baby’s skin. The Lavender Oil is also effective in promoting natural sleep.”
11th October 2005
OK! Magazine
Mum-to-be Treats
“Calendula Daily Care Cream- This Cream protects delicate skin agaisnt wetness and maintains soft, sensitive skin. Verdict: A smooth cream that really nourishes and protects.”
24th September 2005
The Times
Bodylicious Soap for sensitive skin
“Natural Lavender Cleansing Bar – The perfect family soap, gentle enough for children and a treat for grown-ups. Not only does it cleanse the skin, but also leaves it feeling soft and moisturised.”
August/ September 2005
Asian Woman
Baby Products
“Organic Chamomile Shampoo & Bodywash… An all-in-one cleanser and shampoo with botanical and natural extracts of camomile to gently cleanse baby’s hair and skin without leaving behind any residue.”
29th August 2005
Daily Mirror
What’s New… for Kids
“Soft touch – care for your Baby’s sensitive skin with the Earth Friendly Baby range made from natural ingredients and plant extracts .”
27th July 2005
Going Green
“Pamper the kids… Earth Friendly Baby products are free from Synthetic, Colourings and Fragrances.”
February 2005
Having an Organic Baby
“It’s a real mecca for eco-mums…Earth Friendly Baby Natural Lavender Cleansing Bar.”
December 2004
Natural Health & Wellbeing
Natural Baby Products
“With natural ingrediants, no artifical colouring or fragrances and great prices, what more can you ask for?.”
16 December 2004
Daily Mirror
Tried and Tested by Kids … Bubble Baths
“Eco-friendly and gentle this makes lots of great bubbles. It also comes with a wand for kids to blow their own bubbles in the bath.”
October 2004
Junior Magazine
Natural Babycare- 10 of the best
“Earth Friendly Baby Organic Massage Oil- Made with Hawaiian Kukui oil which is mild and healing traditionally used on newborn babies in Hawaii.”
October 2004
Hairflair & Beauty
Baby Love
“For a shampoo with a difference, get your hands on Earth Friendly Baby’s Organic Chamomile Shampoo and Bodywash, For Centuries chamomile has been used for its healing properties, so wash with this sensitive all-in-one and say goodbye to dry, dull hair.”
September 2004
I’m Pregnant
Soft and Soothed
“Nappy Creams help protect your baby’s delicate botty- Earth Friendly Baby Natural Red Clover Diaper Care Cream.”
May 2004
Good Health
Going Green- Earth Child
“Isn’t it nice to know there are ranges on the market that cater for your little one’s every need, naturally. Earth Friendly Baby are one such range.”
April 2004
Prima Baby
Keep them Healthy
“Naturally kind – A baby’s skin needs gentle care. Earth Friendly Baby’s natural toiletry range is made with plant-based ingredients and free from harsh chemicals.”
April 2004
5 of the Best…Eco Friendly Baby Products
“Best for bath-time. Earth Friendly Baby Organic Hibiscus Bubble Bath.”
January 2004
Soft and Gentle Baby Products
“Earth Friendly Bubble Bath – …this even comes with its own bubble wand – perfecting for distracting my kids while I wash my hair! – Melinda Messenger”
22 April 2004
The Mail on Sunday – You Magazine
Mother Nature
“… So here are some of my favorite formulas, which not only smell wonderful, but are also as natural as possible… The Natural Red Clover Nappy Care is especially good.”
November 2003
Earth Bubbles
“New from Earth Friendly Baby is their Organic Hibiscus Bubble Bath…it smells delicious and comes with its own ‘magic’ bubble wand.”
March 2004
Daily Express
Naturally Gorgeous
“Earth Friendly Baby puts fun back into washing with Organic Hibiscus Bubble Bath… and has a mind-blowing wand.
Oct/Nov/Dec 2003
I’m Pregnant!
Softly Does It
“Keep your baby’s botty super soft with our round-up of nappy creams… Diaper Care Cream”
October 2003
Pregnancy & Birth
Baby & You
“Celebrity baby Beauty Buys…Zoë Ball and Woody. Earth Friendly Baby Natural Calendula Cream.”
September 2003
Baby Love
“Rub a dub – We love the relaxing scent of Earth friendly Baby Cleansing Bar; sure to send you and bub to the Land of Nod.”
August 2003
Treats for you… and for Baby too…
“The Earth Friendly Baby range uses only ingredients that are plant-derived. Zoë Ball, Julia Carling and Tania Bryer are fans.”
06 May 2003
Daily Express
…Best Buy to Brighten up Bath-times
“We’ve just started using the wonderful Earth Friendly Baby range, specially designed for the little ones… which leaves them looking and smiling squeaky clean.”
07 April 2003
Secret Seven Organic Products
“Baby Chamomile Shampoo and Bodywash… treat your bundle of joy to this all-in-one cleanser with gentle… smells so good you might want you to use it.”
March 2003
Pregnancy & birth
Baby & You
“Earth Friendly Baby is ideal for the two of you. As well as keeping babies squeaky clean, its kind to sensitive pregnant skin – no wonder it’s so popular with celeb mums.”
February 2003
Family Circle
The Easy Way to be… a Babe
“Earth Friendly Baby Natural Chamomile Shampoo & Bodywash… A really gentle two-in-one product, perfect in the shower after the gym or a run.”
October 2002
Baby Love – These Bath & Body Treats are Perfect for Kids – and Great for you to Steal, too
“Earth Friendly Baby Natural Lavender Cleansing Bar…Loved by Zoë Ball and son Woody; Davina McCall and daughter Holly.”
31 Aug / 6 Sept 2002
Posh’s Overnight Bag
“Earth Friendly Baby Starter kit… The Beckham baby is sure to love this cute introduction to pampering.”
April 2002
Woman’s Own
Baby Talk
“…All the products contain natural ingredients and smell so wonderful that you’ll want them for yourself.”
June 2002
For Baby and Me…
“Some things are just too good for baby alone. We love Earth Friendly Baby Natural Calendula Daily Care Cream…excellent for sensitive skin.”
July 2001
Must- Have Best Buys
“Earth Friendly Baby care starter kit…This is a godsend when it comes to cutting down on my daughter’s gear. – Julia Carling”